We’ve been trading the binary options markets for over 4 years now and we continue to develop new strategies to combat all the brokers offerings. We’ve worked with well over 20 different brokers and we are now ready to share some details about each one. We start off with a review of all the brokers we like as of now. We’ve seen some brokers come and go, so we want to make sure you trade with the best.

Each review will carry some of the positive and negatives the site holds. You will find this at every site. In trading, no matter the market, or country, there are always problems with these brokers. You can be trading eith ETrade or TDAmeritrade and run into some of the same situations. This is all part of trading. Once you get past all these minor frustrations you can then focus on what’s important.

We have several other trading sites on the Internet, but this one is dedicated to the broker side. Although you will find a lot of informative posts on strategies and other things about trading, we still think broker first. If you’ve selected a broker already, that’s okay. We recommend you setup accounts with multiple places in case of connection issues, lack of a certain asset, or even a better payout rate.

Payout rates will vary from place to place. If you find a rate that works for you, then you might want to stick with it. If you are a big trader, you can always ask the customer service team if you can get a better rate. It can’t hurt to ask. Just tell them you’ll look elsewhere to put your money. They want you as a client, so you have the power. This is one time where leverage is on your side.

If you come across a scam site or something you don’t like, please let us know. We have a contact form on this page. It’s the best way to reach us. Actually, if you have any questions about anything, please submit a comment. Good luck with your trading and make sure you Full of Reviews.

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