opzioni-binarie-italiaTrading opzioni binarie (binary options) in Italy is once again beginning to grow in popularity, and there is a lot of potential here for you to grow your capital. The trading of opzioni binarie in Italy has seen some difficulties in recent years, but it is still legal as long as you go through a regulated broker. In Italy, binary options are regulated by the Commissione Nazionale per le Società e la Borsa. This adds a strong element of safety to brokers that are regulated by this Commission. Italian residents are protected with certain rights and protections if they use a broker from the list provided by the Commission. This is important to remember because many brokers are not permitted to allow Italian citizens to use their site.

You might find that your options trading can be benefited by enlisting the help of a servizio di segnali (signals service). This is something that you will need to evaluate on a case by case basis, but if paying a small price for a service to make trades for you, or to instruct you when to make trades, will greatly enhance your profits over the long term, then this can be viewed as an investment in yourself. As long as the price that you pay to use a servizio di segnali is more than offset by the extra that you make in profits from it, then this is a beneficial cost, helping you to drive your profit rate up.

The Right Broker

Choosing the right binary options broker in Italy can be tough. We talked about some of the reasons for this above. Ideally, you want a broker that is registered with CONSOB. Not only do you know that this broker will be safe, you will have more confidence that they are looking out for your interests, too. These brokers are either directly based out of Italy and are a major part of the economy, or they are based out of Europe and have a direct presence in the country. Either way, this is the best route for you.

With that said, your next step is to find the broker that best suits your needs. All brokers carry the basic call and put options, but beyond this things get a bit tricky. If you are looking for things like one touch or boundary options, especially the high yield variety, then you will need to search a bit harder. You will also need to ensure that your broker has the assets that you want to trade. Most brokers cater to the needs of Forex traders, so you will find a lot of currency pairs within most brokers. The EUR/USD is the most heavily traded asset at most binary options brokers simply because it is the most traded currency pair in the Forex world.

Beyond this, you will find a lot of stocks and indices. Many brokers have a U.S. bias when it comes to the company stocks that are carried. Big names like Apple, Google, Disney, and others are carried by most binary options brokers, even in Europe. European corporations are also included, but your selections may not be as inclusive.

Make the Most Out of Your TradesMost brokers also offer a handful of commodities, such as oil, gold, and silver. These are not traded as heavily, but your broker should offer at least a few of these in order to increase variety on their site.

Many experts will recommend that you find a broker that has at least 100 different assets available for trade, but this really isn’t necessary. If you trade only two different assets, and the broker that you select has those two, then you should be fine. You just want to ensure that there is room for growth within the broker that you select. If you want to expand your range someday, changing brokers can be a hassle, so it’s smart to pick a broker that has many different assets available to you.

It’s important that your broker di opzioni have a demo trading account for you to utilize, especially if you are new to the world of binary options. This will allow you to use the broker’s trading platform in real time, observing what real trades would look and feel like, but without the risk of losing actual money. Demo trading accounts might be limited in how long they stay open, but they are a helpful tool when it comes to testing the waters and eliminating the odds of user error on your part. If your broker doesn’t advertise their use in an easy to find spot, get in touch with their customer service department before you ever execute your first trade.

Finding Success

The most important component of your success as a trader, besides your safety with a reputable and registered broker, is the payout rate that you will earn. Many brokers claim great rates of return, but this doesn’t mean that they actually follow through with their promise. You should expect an average of at least 76 to 78 percent on a 15-minute call/put option. Ultra short term options—those ranging from 30 to 120 seconds in length—will tend to pay out less than this. But if you are able to secure a consistent 78 percent in returns on your correct trades, you will be far more profitable than if you were to settle for 75 percent. That extra 3 percent adds up to thousands of euros over the course of a year, and that can be the deciding factor between a successful trader and a losing one.

Regardless of where in the world you live, your goal with trading is to take control of your financial future. Whether you do so by increasing your income on a yearly basis through active binary options trading is up to you. Many thousands of Italian residents have found great success with this type of trading, but it’s certainly not for everyone. Take an honest look at your situation and determine if this is something that will work for you before you jump in.

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