Trading from ThailandTrading binary options, or ตัวเลือกไบนารี, in Thailand is a pretty lucrative opportunity, especially for those that want to take control of their financial future in a more hands on manner. Trading certainly isn’t easy to master, but for those that put in the time and the effort to improve their skills will find that the effort will eventually translate into higher profits. Trading is risky, but with a strong work ethic and some determination, it is possible to turn this risk into long term profits. Here, we will take a brief look at what you can do as a Thai trader to gain the edge that you need to start being more profitable here.

Brokers Matter

In Thailand, binary options are legal, but there are no major regulators based out of the country. In order to ensure that you are protected, you need to check that your broker of choice is regulated by some governing body. CySEC is considered to be the biggest and most reputable regulator outside of the United States when it comes to trading binary options, so before you sign up and make a deposit, make sure that your broker has the proper safeguards in place to protect you and your money.

Beyond this basic point, you need to make sure that your broker is working for you. They should have a strong customer service team able to answer your questions, either online or over the phone. They should also have basic tools that can help you become better at what you do. We’ll talk more about this later, but your broker should be on your side and be there to help you make money—not the other way around.

Finally, remember that not all brokers are the same. Some offer a huge selection of different assets to choose from with great rates of return, while others only have a handful of selections with average returns. This is an extreme example and things are rarely ever so clear cut, but the point remains that some brokers are far better than others.

So, what should you be looking for in a broker? First, make sure that they have all of the assets you want to trade. This might be a couple currency pairs, like the EUR/USD and the USD/JPY, and there might be the occasional index and stock that you’d like to trade, too. You might also want to make sure that crude oil and gold are included on your broker’s platform so that you have the choice to trade them when their prices are moving in a more predictable fashion than what’s typical. In other words, your broker should have all of the assets that you normally trade, plus access to any other asset that you trade once in a while, or might want to trade in the future. There should be room for you to grow as a trader, too.

The rate of return is a big deal, too. Let’s say that you are trading the GBP/USD at a broker that offers you 76 percent, on average, for a 15 minute trade. However, if there is a broker that offers the same pair at 79 percent for that expiry and everything else is equal, the new broker is the better choice. 3 percent per trade is a small amount at first, but over time, this adds up a lot. If you are averaging $50 per trade, that’s $1.50 for each correct trade you make. If you make 100 trades, it’s now a difference of $150. After a year, it’s not uncommon to have made thousands of trades. If you make 10 trades a day for 300 days, that’s 3,000 trades. At $1.50 per trade, this could mean the difference of $4,500 in your account. For many binary options traders, that’s a very conservative amount.

You Can Trade from ThailandYou also need to make sure that your broker has room for you to grow in trade types. All brokers offer the common call and put options, but what about the expiries offered? Does your broker have 60 second trades? What about long term trades? You will want a little bit of each in order to help offset your risk in other areas. Before you select a broker and make your initial deposit, be sure that they have other types of trades that you might consider using, like boundary or one touch options, too.

Tools Matter

Thailand has one of the fastest growing economies in the world right now, and this has left a lot of people wondering what the best way to grow their money is. While binary options are not right for everyone, many people have found them to be a great opportunity, one that allows them to take better control of their financial future. If you want to join these ranks, it’s important that you have the right tools on your side.

One of the first things to look at is a signals service—a บริการสัญญาณ. This is one of the easiest ways to give your trading a jumpstart, given that you are selecting a strong, reputable service to help you out. These include trading robots and alert services, both of which have definite and distinct benefits. A robot will make trades for you on an automatic basis while an alert service sends you a message on what trades to make and when. If you are a busy person, then a signals service can help you to focus more on other things and less on research. For traders that have a career or just don’t want to spend their whole days studying charts, these are great efficiency tools. They’re not for everyone and they do need to be thoroughly researched before you start using them, but they can be very helpful when you find one that matches up with your specific needs as a trader.

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Trading of any sort carries risk, and binary options are no different. But thanks to the room for expansion that exists in Thailand right now, binary options are one of the most affordable ways for new traders to get experience in the markets and start making a higher profit than ever before.

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