Should you trade with binary options signals? Using a signals service seems like a good idea, and it is, but that doesn’t mean that every signals service is going to work for you. All traders: both new and experienced alike, will benefit greatly from the right service, but the majority of people never find the right service, unfortunately.

Don’t let yourself fall into this category. By spending time now, before you commit, and finding the perfect signals service for what you trade, the amount of money you spend on trading, and by being able to customize other, smaller features, you can give yourself a huge edge in the markets and turn your losses into consistent profits.

How does it work?

A signals service is a generic term for a third party that gives you trade recommendations. Some are just that–recommendations. Others can use a robot feature to make trades automatically for you. The robot is the better choice in best case scenarios simply because the advice is usually computer generated and much more timely than having to rely upon human input. If the advice is computer generated through a highly effective algorithm, then the odds of success are generally better than just making trades based upon someone else’s opinions. This is especially true for short term binaries like the 60 second option. And when these signals are sent to your trading account automatically by that computer, then the possibility of human error is eliminated. No one has to hit the send button on their email to give you the advice, and you don’t have to act upon the advice since it’s done for you.

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Just remember that robots are pretty new in binary options. They’ve been around for a while in the Forex world with expert advisors working through MetaTrader 4, but because they are so new in binaries, some brokers still do not allow them. Traditional signals services are independent, so you can use them with anything, even trading methods other than binary options.

Will signals help you?

Yes. Signals will help you. They can help you make more consistent profits at the beginning of your career as a short term trader, and they will help even the most experienced trader as they offer a different perspective on how to look at trades. Even if a pro trader doesn’t act on the advice that they’re given with their signals, they will at least have a different point of view to consider. So, at the very least, it is an educational tool that will enable you to make better informed decisions in the future.

If you’re thinking about “help” in terms of increasing your profits, then signals will help you here, too. Unless you have a ton of experience and you are never wrong in your predictions, then there is a signals service out there that will help you make more money. There’s no such thing as a perfect service, but the most successful ones are much more profitable than the average individual trader.

Do I have to pay for one?

Some signals services are free, others can be very expensive. What you pay should be dictated by how effective the service is. Imagine that there was a product out there that would help you make $10,000 extra every year. How much would you be willing to spend on that? Suddenly, $500 doesn’t seem like a large price. With the right service, $10,000 extra is more than possible. This is why it’s so important to make sure that you know as much as you can about the signals service that you are looking at and make sure that it fits your type of binary options trading. The right match can make you far more than $10,000 per year, and if this is the case, then the price will become much more easy to evaluate.

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Using binary trading signals could be a great way to start. Make sure you have a good broker like 24Option.
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