Broker Guide FAQ

There are tons of questions asked each day about Binary Options and Trading in general. We will try and sum up some of the major items that are asked about all the time. You can always ask us on our contact page, if you aren’t sure about a certain item.

A lot of people like to read lists and reviews. On our favorite binary options brokers page, we share our thoughts on many of the different places to trade. It is up to you to find the right site. Keep in mind, you may try one and end up at another. This is okay.

Binary Options signals are a fairly new option for you to use. If you are new to trading, then you can consider them as a way of getting into some trades. You shouldn’t depend on signals as a long term strategy.

Depending on the amount you put in, a deposit with a credit card is your best bet. If you have Skrill or Neteller, that would be great as well. Bigger accounts can use a wire transfer. You have a lot of different ways.

Most people have a fairly easy time making a deposit. Depending on your location and method, withdrawals can take a bit longer. Sometimes they can take up to 3 weeks. It’s just part of the business, so you must be prepared.

The brokers platform doesn’t give you a great charting software. We suggest you look at Forex brokers for the MT4 also known as Metatrader software. This will give you a very strong package without having to pay for it. Most Forex brokers give them out for free.

Most new traders find it difficult to work with a new strategy. This is because trading isn’t easy and it takes time to become profitable. Test, Test and keep Testing. Use the demo account until you are ready.

We find it best to trade with a good working strategy. It may take you time to create or copy one, but over time it will help you make more profits.

Most brokers now offer you an app so you can trade from a mobile device. We highly recommend you have a strong WiFi connection when trading the markets on a mobile device.

You can definitely get a demo account. There are several different ways about getting one. Some brokers require you to make a deposit into your account and they will give you a demo. Some will give you a 24 hour practice account. While others will give you a no deposit demo account. You have to ask each site.

There are more and more of these sites coming online all the time. 24option is probably your best choice when it comes to regulations and safety of capital.

Yes, there are several that accept clients from the USA. Currently, we like Boss Capital, Cherry Trade and Porter Finance. These three should get you going in the right direction.

The minimum deposit amount varies from site to site. We suggest you ask the support chat or send an email. We also think it’s best to start with twice the minimum amount. This will allow you some more wiggle room if you go on a trading downswing. You can find minimums for $100, but the average is around $250.

There are a lot of different ways to trade. Some traders look for long term moves, whiles seek the shorter timeframe. No matter the style you use, it’s best to limit your trading to 1-3 trades a day. There are also many other factors, such as time of day and day of the week. We discuss this on this site.

This question has been in a grey area for a long time. It’s best that you contact someone before committing money to a particular broker. We also recommend that you limit the amount of money you deposit to reduce the risk level.

Trading of any kind is Risky. You can simply trade a stock on Wall Street with the same amount of risk. Please make sure you understand the risk of trading before you commit any money.