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Boss Capital is an online based binary options broker. They were founded in 2014 and have jumped to the front of the relatively new binary industry in the year that’s passed since then. This is probably because the site was created with experienced binary options traders in mind. While other sites that have been around longer were created for those new to trading, or those with Forex experience, this site is mostly for people that have used other binary brokers in the past, and have had less than optimal results.

What makes them different?

Like pretty much Other Brokers are Out There, Boss Capital has stocks, indices, commodities, and currency pairs. And like most others, they also have exotic trades like one touch and boundary options for their clients to trade. However, this broker has a top return rate on their average trades of 85 percent, where most other brokers do not go above 81 percent. A 4 percent difference is huge in this industry, especially when tens of thousands of dollars are being risked every year. Over time, this is a huge difference in your earnings for the better, and very much worthwhile if you are on the fence between being a losing trader and a profitable one.

What are the strengths?

Boss Capital has over 200 separate underlying assets to trade. These include pairs, which can be quite advantageous if you choose the right set. Another strength is that this broker was not created for the inexperienced. Yes, those new to trading will still benefit from using this site, but because of the fact that people who know what they are doing were taken into consideration when the site was created, there is more upward potential here than there is at most other sites. The high profit rate is one example of this.

Another area where this broker excels is in its platform. It is smooth looking, easy to understand, and quick to navigate. Once you are familiar with the site, you can switch between the different assets and types of trades in mere seconds. It’s also fast and easy to access the learning materials and then go back to the trading platform. You can also open these up on separate screens for even faster transitions.

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What are the weaknesses?

Like any financial broker or service, there are some weaknesses associated with Boss Capital. One comes with their account packages. They do have different account types, but the lower levels of these do not have great benefits. For example, a $4,000 initial deposit will give you a 40 percent welcome bonus, but by depositing just $1,000 more, you will get a 65 percent bonus because you are now in the top tier. That’s the difference between $1,600 in free cash and $3,250. If you plan on depositing more than $100,000, you can get an even better package, and they recommend that you call their corporate office in order to give you the VIP treatment.

Another weakness is that they do not have a huge amount of short term trades. The 60 second trade is their shortest one, and these are geared mostly toward currencies. This isn’t something that would affect most traders, but there are a few sites out there that have 30 second trades, which are not an option here.

Who is this site best for?

This broker is best for those traders that want something that has their long term success in mind. Most brokers want you to succeed–this is how they profit over time. But this site wants you to succeed, and keep growing over the course of several years. Not many sites can claim this. Boss Capital is a cutting edge binary options broker, and it all has to do with how they treat their clients.

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