Trading with Porter
Porter Finance is a binary options broker founded in 2014. In the world of binary options, where many brokers have popped up recently, Porter Finance has stood out among the crowd because of their high rates of return and wide range of trading products. They are located in London, England, and in their short existence, they have earned a great reputation. Here, we will take a brief look at what they have to offer and see who they are going to be the most beneficial to.

Trading with Porter

This broker has a large number of assets available for trading. Over the course of the typical trading day, they have almost 200 assets available with a heavy focus placed upon currency pairs. In addition to Forex traded pairs, they also include over the counter prices. When it comes to types of trades, they have the typical call and put options, but they also have one touch and range trades. You can trade stocks, indices, currency pairs, and commodities here. Timeframes range from 30 seconds before expiry to up to six months in the future.

The top rates of return that this site advertises are real. Their average trades stand out near or at the top of the industry with 81 percent returns on most trades. Some of their high yield trades go up to 1,500 percent, which is currently unmatched in the binary options world. These trades are obviously very tough to be successful on, but the huge returns are very attractive nonetheless. Their longer term trades have lower returns (around 65 percent), and they do lag a bit behind others in the industry in this regard, but the average trade—usually around 15 minutes or so—are the best rates you will find from a reputable and high profile broker. Ultra short term trades have a similar rate of return as the long term trades—around 65 percent. This is slightly below the industry average, but not so much as to be a big concern.

For serious traders, you will want to have a way to view your trading history so that you can track everything for your personal records and adjust strategies as needed. This is easy to do once your account has been funded and you have started trading.

Creating an Account and Banking

Creating an account at Porter Finance is very easy. You need to give your name, email address, country of residence, phone number, and select your trading currency. Once your account is registered, it’s time to invest. You can use a credit card (Master Card or Visa), a bank wire, or an online wallet, like NeTeller. If you fund your account with $500, you will earn a 25 percent bonus. This is a Basic Account. Other tiers of accounts exist, ranging from Silver, with a $2,500 minimum deposit and a 60 percent bonus, up to the Gold account. The Gold Account is geared toward advanced traders and requires a deposit of at least $5,000. The bonus for this is 85 percent. In order to withdraw bonus cash, you must trade above the unlock threshold. This begins at 30 times the bonus amount, so if you have $100 in bonus cash, you would need to make $3,000 worth of trades to get this cash.

Where Porter Finance Stands Today – 93%
Once you’ve created an account and traded for a while, you might be wondering how to withdraw your earnings. First, make sure that you provide proper documentation. You will need a government issued photo identification and a copy of a utility bill where your address is clearly visible. If you made your deposits with a credit card, you will need to provide a copy of the front and back of the card so that you can prove that your card belongs to you.

Other Considerations

Porter Finance has a lot to offer. They have a very strong customer service department that can be contacted with any questions you might have. You can speak about setting up an account, figuring out how to get the best bonuses, or get basic advice on how to execute trades and use their platform. They can be contacted by phone from anywhere in the world, by email, or by online chat, whichever is easiest for you.

This site also has an extensive education section for those that are still learning the basics of binary options trading or want to catch up on relevant news without going to a different site.

Final Thoughts

So who is Porter Finance best for? They have a solid product, and they make it very user friendly and accessible. The small deposit sizes, starting at $250 (which still receives a bonus), make it clear that this site wants smaller sized accounts using their product. With the high rates of return on the most heavily used trades, even a $250 deposit has a decent chance of turning into something much bigger. You certainly don’t need to be a small trader to benefit from this site, but it looks like this is their target audience. Because of their huge list of currency pairs, including the rarely seen OTC market prices, former Forex traders will also do really well here.

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Porter might be one of the newest brokers, they are definitely one of the best. Be sure to give them a look before signing up for any other broker.
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